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Buying a new Air Conditioning unit or heating system can sometimes be difficult to find the right product with out talking to a HVAC specialist. We make it easy to find that right HVAC product when you consult with a Gallagher HVAC Specialist. We show you all makes and models that will perfectly suite your home. Allow us to help you find the right system for your families needs.

heating systems

Home Heating Systems

Furnaces operate using fossil fuel sources such as propane, oil or natural gas and are very common in Hamilton and Warren county. Most furnaces today
use a sealed combustions system to pipe to hazardous gases that are created during the combustion process safety from your home to the outside. These modern furnaces are safe, efficient, very affordable and quite! Compared to older furnaces (anything manufactured before 1995) they operate up to 20% more efficient! That means if you have a new furnace, every .92-.98 cents of every dollar you spend on your heat will actually be used to keep your family warm vs. the older systems that only used .60-.80 cents per dollar! So if you are thinking of upgrading your system or just keeping your old one clean, call us for more information.

Home Air Conditioners

Home Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are a marvelous invention to say the least! Invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, the air condition uses refrigerant in a closed loop system that gets piped from the inside of your hot house to the outside in order to remove the warm air and replace it with cool air. The refrigerant inside the copper line holds the heat from indoors that is captured in your indoor evaporator coil and carries it to the outside where its released.
The fan on your indoor furnace or air handler blows air across your evaporator coil to help disperse the cool air from your refrigerant line into your home.

nest thermostat

Controls & Thermostats

Todays thermostats can save you money on your energy utility bills and improve the comfort in your home. We offer many types of programmable thermostats such as Nest and Honeywell. Call us today to learn more about our offerings.

air filters and air quality loveland oh

Air Filters and Air Quality

Our air filters and air quality assessments can make sure your family is breathing healthy air, free from allergens. Gallagher’s team of experts can help you devise and implement a plan of action to help ensure your home’s air quality is up to par.

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