First Responders Discount


Gallagher gives a little to those who give our community so much.

10% discount off ANY service we provide to our local Fire Fighters, EMT and Police Officers.

One of the many reasons we have decided to champion this initiative is because we have family and friends who serve our community as first responders.

My husband and I have most recently become friends with an amazing family who we’ve come to know because they cut our hay in the summer. I say that they are amazing because they seem to truly get the most they possibly can out of life each day. They have two of the sweetest little kids, they are farmers, he works as a tractor sales manager and, if that’s not enough, they are both police officers. We recently had our friends and their kids over for dinner. At dinner, they were telling us stories of what they do as police officers and what scary situation they put themselves in every day to keep our community safe. Of course, they didn’t say those exact words, but that is how I heard it. As I looked at their little girl and boy and thought of my own family who chose to protect and serve, I thought, wow my job is so simple.

This conversation and our relationships have made my husband and I aware that we want to do something to show our support. With that said, we are honored to be able to give a little for those who give some much.

Thank you to all the men and woman who are first responders in our community.

Mon-Friday 8AM-5PM
*24 Hour Emergency Service