Gallagher Comfort Club

Protecting Your Investment

At Gallagher Heating & Cooling, we don’t just “talk” about exceptional service experiences; we put them in writing! To ensure your total satisfaction and peace of mind, we offer industry-best warranties and customer trust guarantees that (1) protect you from the expense of breakdowns and manufacturing defects, (2) ensure proper installation, and (3) deliver the best value anywhere.



Platinum Package

Two Inspection/year
15% of repairs
2 year warranty on repair
24 hour service
$250.00 off new system
Same day Priority service
*Save $10.00 on Monthly payments vs Yearly

Gallagher Comfort club benefits

As a Gallagher Comfort Club member, you’ll enjoy proven benefits when you entrust us with the health of your home systems. First, you’ll receive two annual 24-point system checks, which include:

  • Air conditioner or Heat Pump system
  • Furnace system
  • Air purification system
  • Ductwork system
  • Ventilation system
  • Humidification system
  • Whole-house gas piping
  • Smoke detection system
  • Carbon monoxide system
  • Dryer exhaust system
  • Thermostat
  • Room-by-room temperature control

In addition to comprehensive system checks, Gallagher Comfort Club members also receive:

  • Exclusive discounts. Receive a 15% service/repair discount when your system is acting up. In addition, up to 50% of Gallagher Comfort Club fees can be applied toward the purchase of a new system.
  • No overtime charges. Our upfront pricing assures that your bill never surprises you.
  • Priority service. Just call 513.489.HVAC to schedule priority Gallagher Family Plan service.
  • Automated service reminders that keep your maintenance on schedule, year round.
  • 24-hour emergency service. We’re available round the clock to make life’s emergencies more bearable.
  • Transferable options. Your Comfort Club membership is completely transferable should you decide to sell your home.
  • Contract-free service. There’s no contract commitment or red tape with our Gallagher Comfort Club.
  • Cancel anytime without a penalty.
  • Certified technicians. Our industry-leading technicians are trained, certified, and ready to help.
  • Manufacturer warranty satisfaction. The Gallagher Family Plan keeps you compliant with manufacturer warranty requirements.

Why choose the Gallagher Comfort Club:

  • Peace of mind. Our technicians monitor and care for your system, safeguarding your family and reducing the occurrence of breakdowns and costly emergencies.
  • Maximized comfort. Over time, HVAC systems become inefficient and decrease in performance. With routine system checks we help them perform at their best in order to maximize your comfort.
  • Energy efficiency. When equipment is well maintained, it doesn’t have to work as hard. That means energy savings and lower utility bills. Improved reliability. Breakdowns seem to occur at the most inconvenient times, but our technicians help to pinpoint small problems before they become major repairs.
  • Extended equipment life. Staying on top of equipment performance can significantly increase the life of your system, which is great news for your wallet!

Mon-Friday 8AM-5PM
*24 Hour Emergency Service