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Loveland HVAC contractor

Our 35-year-old a/c went out. During the first visit we found that our 6-year-old furnace was improperly installed and will also need replaced soon. We also needed many other improvements due to the horrible install previously. Unfortunately, we were not able to do all the work at once. We were able to replace the a/c only. The technicians were wonderful and spent 10 hours installing the unit properly and making as many of the adjustments as possible without replacing the furnace. I will always call them for any of my HVAC needs!
Erin Shuler
Home Owner / Mason OH
Chris is extremely knowledgeable in both geothermal and solar. I've installed both for my home using his company after doing extensive research comparing his company with competitors. He is honest, professional and does a great job both with the installation and follow-up with any issues. Would not hesitate to use this company!
Anthony Checroun
Home Owner / Mason OH
What an amazing job they did for us! Our house is so much more comfortable, and actually feels and smells cleaner. Obvious experts, extremely professional, upfront, and kind. Would refer them highly to anyone in the tri-state area. Thank you so much!
Jeffrey Babb
Home Owner / Mason OH
Wow these guys came right out, did a great job for a great price and were very professional. They also embrace technology so your service level will be very high with them. I am ready to make them our new HVAC company. Thanks for the great service!!
Stephen Peele
Home Owner / Mason OH
We just had the furnace tuneup for winter operation. As usual, Gallagher did a very thorough job. The serviceman looked at the humidifier pad and thought it should be replaced. After removing it, and a closer examination, he decided that we could get another year out of it and reinstalled it into the humidifier. That's why we use Gallagher.
Nancy Bell
Home Owner / Mason OH
"I wanted to thank you and Brandon for coming over today. We really appreciate you getting our system on the right track."
David Raska
Home Owner / Cincinnati
Brennan was fantastic and I wanted to let you know. He was very open to questions and asked multiple times if I had others. He did a very nice and neat job with the install. From my experience he is an exception to the rule these days."
Russell Miller
Home Owner / Cincinnati OH
"Hensley Custom Building Group can confidently recommend Gallagher HVAC Services as a solid and reliable contractor and experts in their field. Gallagher HVAC Services has provided Hensley and its customers with a confident comprehensive depth understanding of products and expectations. We are happy to recommend Gallagher HVAC."
Tim Hensley
Managing Member / Hensley Custom Building Group
"It was a pleasure doing business with you Katey! I took the survey but had nothing to recommend to make the business better."
Jo Ann
Home Owner / Mason
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